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Hi! I’m Manu Doomra 

Welcome to The Healing Cafe Academy. I’ve been practicing & teaching Reiki for more than 5 years. Start your Energy Healing journey with The Healing Cafe. 

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The Healing Cafe is undoubtedly the best place to learn Reiki. I thank Universe for blessing me with this wonderful opportunity to learn Reiki from Manu sir. Thank you so much Mr.Manu Doomra sir for being my Reiki Guru

It was a really good experience to learn Reiki from Mr. Manu Doomra. He explains everything very clearly and will always responds to your queries.Thank you sir for being an amazing teacher

Wonderful experience. Very lucidly taught. All things are also explained in details 

Very introspective experience with first level of reiki healing. Doomra sir guidance and his availability has been wonderful

I reached this place after doing a lot of research in the neighbourhood. Manu sir helped me take my journey in Reiki very smoothly. I completed all 3 levels and practising the way sir guided and i feel amazing. One can also reach out to this place for distant sessions and they are equally beneficial

It was an awesome experience. I was always thinking of becoming reiki master but was not sure how to go about it. But I am glad that universe has shown its kindness to me and introduced me to Manu doomra reiki grandmaster which further has introduced me to this divine energy. Whole process was so smooth, crystal clear and all queries has been answered thoroughly and with logic 

Shri Manu Doomra He is a very blessed person and my guru, he taught me beautifully till master level of Reiki healing, practical level with patience... I felt great mental awakening, confidence and hope through his guidance. Thank you master for giving me such a nice experience

I had a great experience with Mr Manu Doomra sir. His approach is very hollistic with reiki in all levels. He is very particular about the 21 days self-healing practice for cleansing. I appreciate his method of teaching and helpful nature. If you want to learn reiki then you are in the right place


Wonderful experience of learning Reiki from Manu Doomra sir

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